SIA – Simply One of The Best


Singapore Airlines is one of the best airline companies in Asia. The main hub of Singapore Airlines is Changi Airport (Singapore). SIA is making main accent on Britain and Australian markets. Airline also operates non-stop and long-haul flights from Singapore to Newark and Los Angeles, this routes are the longest routes in the world.
History of Singapore Airlines began at 1947. In 1 May 1947 Ocean Steamship Company of Liverpool, united Singapore Airlines and Malayan Airways Limited and founded new “Malaysia-Singapore Airlines”. The first flight of Airlines was operated from British Straits Settlement of Singapore to Kuala Lumpur on 2 April 1947. Since the first flight, SIA started weekly scheduled flights from Singapore to Kuala Lumpur, Ipoh and Penang. After that, company was rising without a “break”. Own style, high quality of service and safety was perfect way to become one of the best airline company in Asia Pacific Region.
In 1963, in time of large political changes in Malaysia and Singapore, name of company became “Malaysian Airways”. After 3 years, the name was changed again – “Malaysia-Singapore Airlines” (shortly MSA). The decision was received after Singapore’s separation from the Federation of Malaysia. Changing names didn’t commit negative influence on consumers, so company decides to purchase Boeing. Soon, company purchased another Boeing.


In 1972 political situation again became worse and it was main reason of incorporation of Singapore Airlines (SIA) from Malaysia-Singapore Airlines. In spite of this, 70s was one of the best times for SIA. Company started flights in new cities and fleet was grown, too. Until 2000 SIA added scheduled flights in whole Europe, USA and Canada.
In 2003 Airline bought 5 long ranged Aircrafts from Airbus (A340-500). In 2004 SIA began first long-haul non-stop flights from Singapore to Los Angeles and NewYork. That time, Airbus A340-500 aircrafts were used for this flights. Nowadays SIA uses A380 aircrafts for this flights. First A380 from Airbus joined the fleet in 2007. We have to say a few words about accidents. There was a fatal incident, when everything ended with great sacrifice, it was in 2000 – terrible crash in Taiwan Taiyuan International Airport caused killing of 76 people. Other 70 were injured. Another fatal accident was in 31 October 2000, in Chiang Kai-shek International Airport. This accident caused killing of 83 people, 96 survived. The supposedly reasons of the crash was: Pilot error, Runway confusion, ATC error and poor Airport Lightning. Nowadays Singapore Airlines main accent is safety of travelers. We have to note that SIA has youngest fleet. Average age of the aircrafts is 6 years. SIA has newest modes of aircrafts from Airbus and Boeing. Newest models, professional pilots and crew members is a main guarantee of passenger safety.

Other Details…

singapore airlines buildingSingapore Airlines gets finances from Singapore government, which is one of the owner of company. Also, SIA benefits special privileges from governments. But main owner of SIA is Temasek Holdings with 55% of voting stock. Singapore Airlines itself is a largest producer of service and production. The Singapore Airlines Group owns 25 subsidiaries (Silk Air is one of them), more than 30 associates and several large companies. Chief executive officer of SIA is well-known Goh Choon Phong, who works in Singapore Airlines Ltd. More than 20 years. Being member of the Star Alliance, Singapore Airlines has strong influence throughout the Asia, has code-share agreement with Virgin Atlantic Airways and Malaysia Airlines. SIA also signed Code-Share Agreement with Virgin Blue, well known as Virgin Australia Airways, together with Silk Air. This particular airline includes more international flights in Asia than any other local airline operator. This brand is a well-known in most of the Asian countries as well as outside the Asia. Airline operates flights to “Kangaroo Routes” between UK and Australia. Airline is focused on improving tourism routes as in Australia, as in all over the world. Airline announced about new tourism agreements in Australia. Singapore Airlines signed agreements with six tourism organizations in Australia. Company made investment for this financial year more than $5 million. As SIA group noted the agreements has validation period between two and four years. The new agreements were signed between Singapore Airlines and tourism organizations in Australia. These six tourism organizations are: South Australia Tourism Commission, Destinations New South Wales, Tourism Australia, Tourism Queensland, Tourism Victoria and Tourism Western Australia. New agreement between Singapore Airlines and Australian Tourism companies includes new routes and new price politics. So if you want to try new routes and tourism tours it takes couple of minutes to book a ticket for Singapore Airlines, all you have to do is log on the official website. Navigation system is pretty simple and user-friendly. Booking process is simplified so you can pick a preferred destination without a hustle. You can check out any flight status (arrived, postponed and etc.) by using the perfect online check-in service from Singapore Airlines.


Singapore Airlines revenue is increasing year by year –Airline achieved a net profit of $336 million for the financial year 2012. Most part of expenditure is made by jet fuel costs, shorter economic cycles and natural disasters, which costs the company more than tens of million dollars in every year. Half of this quantity company pays to its staff.

Singapore Airlines – Leader Brand

singapore airlines logoWithout a question, Singapore Airlines is one of the most elite brands on market. It has over 60 year history and many years of being on top (5 Star rank). It’s the first operator in history that used A380 Airbus. Singapore Airlines provides more international destinations in Asia than any other local operator. Frequent flyers or just people, who travel across the Asia, have probably used Singapore Airlines operator at least once before. Singapore Airlines has won countless awards multiple times. Singapore Airline offers best service for travelers. You can feel full comfort while you are flying with Singapore airline. Amazing design of interior, local dishes, professional stewardesses (called as ‘’Singapore Girls’’) is a guarantee of unforgettable flight. As we noted, airline offers best service: Kris Flyer Membership, Kris World, Silver Kris Lounge, and best in-flight entertainment systems, thousands of TV programs for all kind of traveler, special entertainment programs for children and more and more…
Flight is always better with Singapore Airlines.