Australia – Little Guide For Tourist

Australia is a high developed country. Australia is a world’s largest island in the world covering total 7.69 million square kilometers. Australia has no official language, but English language is most popular in Australia. There is no state religion in Australia. In this wonderful island you can meet people with all religions. Most ranked religions are Christian, Catholic, Islam, Judaism and Anglican.
Australia has great tourism potential. You can enjoy great tours in Australia. It can offer tours for everyone. There are so many ways to see and explore Australian cities and landscapes or other remarkable places. You can take tours like balloon ride other Uluru and see perfect places like Sydney beaches or see the Great Barrier Reef from inside a mini-submarine. You can also enjoy wildlife tours or eco-tours and sail Kangaroo Island or cruise the Kimberley. You can enjoy day and night tours. Explore ocean from deep inside with mini-submarines. If you like extreme feelings or like a wildlife you can enjoy wild life tours in Sydney. By the Wild Life tour you will be able to see great places of Australia with its wild nature. Also if you want you can have breakfast with Koala.

koala with child

Architecture lovers can visit great and remarkable architectural buildings. Tourists can get inside of Melbourne’s art deco architecture from a noted expert in the field.
In Tasmania (Island-state, part of Australia) you can follow Gourmania Food Tours. By the food tours tourists are able to taste great and exotic foods. In Tasmania there are great local cafes and fine restaurants and the talented gourmet.
People, interested in paranormal activities can take special tours like ghost hunting at the Port Arthur Historic Site with the new Paranormal Investigations tour. By this special tour costumers will get professional test equipment to try and detect the presence of ghosts or other paranormal activity. You can also enjoy luxury sailing trips in Kangaroo Island Sailing.

Port Arthur Historic Site

If you are interested in history Australia is great place for you. In Australia you can visit and see great cultural and historical buildings. Like Sydney great opera and etc.
There are special offer for tourists who want to meet New Year in Australia. Great fireworks and 24 hour night life will help you to spend unbelievable time in Australia.

New Year in Australia

There is nothing like Australia you have to see and feel its beauty and amazing nature with great wildlife.
This is the place where you can meet everything and everyone you want. Australia has so many diverse and great experiences to offer. Great balanced tours and friendly atmosphere makes you feel like you are having holiday in heaven.