About Singapore Airlines Service For Australia

Singapore Airlines is one of the best air carrier, which has special and great services for travel. By the time, from five cities of Australia (Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, Brisbane, and Perth) you can fly in more than 60 different destinations. SIA also operates flights from over then 65 cities and in 35 countries across the five continent. Perfect in-flight services, comfortable seats, wonderful staff, high level of security and good price, all of this makes SIA a top airline in East Asia, Australia and Oceania.

Destinations In Australia

Singapore Airlines Covers all major destinations in five continent. SIA operates flights from all biggest and popular airports, for example such as: Boston Logan Airport, London Heathrow Airport, San Francisco International Airport and etc. Airline announced that Australia has great rising potential. Nowadays SIA Group manages flights from all major destinations in Australia. Airline is oriented on tourism routes in Australia. Company also makes discounts on popular destinations, for example London. SIA has special holiday packages, too. In Australia, there are 5 main destinations of Singapore Airlines – in Sydney – Sydney Airport, in Melbourne – Melbourne Airport, in Adelaide – Adelaide Airport, in Brisbane – Brisbane Airport and in Perth – Perth Airport.


Singapore Airlines Travel Classes

Singapore Airlines Suite is available only on A380 and for specific destinations: Hong Kong, London-Heathrow, Melbourne, Paris-Charles de Gaulle, Sydney, Tokyo-Narita, Zurich, Los Angeles, New York-JFK and Frankfurt. SIA suite is designed by French designer Jean-Jacques Coste. This luxury apartment includes walls and doors 2m high. You can feel full comfort with LCD TV and 200 cm bed. You can see all photos here.
First Class – it is a very comfortable seat, 50-60 cm in wide, it can recline in bed, also LCD TV screen and all other services. First class is only available on Boeing 777-300 and Boeing 777-300 ER. There are three different configurations and variations of the first class Cabin. The New configuration of First Class Cabins was offered on 13 January, 2013.
Business Class – It’s optimal way for business travel. The leather seats 40 cm wide gives possibility to travel without tiredness. Another name of Business Class is Raffles Class and only available on the Airbus A380, Airbus A340-500,Airbus A330-300, Boeing777-300, Being 777-200, Boeing 777-300ER. Business class includes full comfort and is ideal for business travelers. If you are using Business class services you are able to use iPod connectivity and new Krisworld entertaining system with 15.4 inch screens.
Economy Class – SIA has one of the best economy class seats! In Most aircrafts, every passenger has opportunity to use personal screen, and not only as a TV. Disposition of the seats is very comfortable, so travelers and stewardess don’t disturb each other. Economy class seats are available on any aircraft of Singapore Airlines. But there are simple differences between configurations of the seats. You will meet new economy class seats on the Boeing 777-300ER, Airbus A380-800 and Airbus A330-300. All seats of economy class are 19.5 inch in wide. Cabin also includes in-seat power and 10.6 inch personal TV screen.

SIA Seat Classes

In-Flight Services

Besides, those seats are very comfortable, service which offers Singapore Airlines, is particular and perfect. Favorite thing for passengers is Krisworld service, with a lot of functions. Krisworld is a small screen with sensor. . All travelers, despite their travel class, can watch movies, cartoons or different TV programs, play games and listen music. Withal they also can use fax function, or just find latest news, which is very important during business flight. Some people think that this is only for attracting people, but this is very useful device.
Another great in-flight service from Singapore Airlines is wide variety of food in each flight. We suggest you to try regional dishes from SIA. You can be served regional dishes on next flights: Kyo-Kaiseki, Shi Quan Shi Mei and Shashi Thali. Regional meals are available for first class passengers. In-flight meal service also includes Popular Local Fare culinary program. This service offers local dishes in all classes, but only from selected major destinations. Airline also published cookbook in 2010 and the title was: Above & Beyond: A Collection of Recipes from the Singapore Airlines Culinary Panel.

SIA Service

SIA Crew

Can you see stewardess, wearing Asian tradition clothes at time of flight? You can see them in SIA aircrafts. “Singapore Girls”, as people call them, are high level professionals of their job, they know several widespread language (for example English, France, etc.). They help passengers resolving all probable problems. We can say that nowadays “Singapore Girl” is a trademark for airline. There are too many recruitments to become ”Singapore Girl” and work as stewardess. Singapore Airlines has made special training program for flight and cabin crew. We have to note that SIA’s flight crew is compiled with Singaporean and Malaysian girls. SIA has complex rules and regulations for applicants. About 10% of applicants can pass training successfully. After this steps they are becoming ”Singapore Girl”. Singapore Airline also manages special language trainings for crew members, to minimize language barriers between cabin crew and travellers.

SIA Crew

SIA Fleet

Singapore Airlines has over 100 aircraft is its fleet. SIA group uses two firm of aircraft for flight and one for cargo. Airline is oriented in to have wide-body aircrafts in arsenal. The main manufacturers for Singapore Airlines is Airbus and Boeing. Airbus is the most powerful manufacturer in the world. Airline uses three kind of aircraft from Airbus and two kind – from Boeing. These aircrafts are: Airbus– A 330, A340 and A380 and Boeing– B777-200 and B777-300.

SIA Fleet

KrisFlyer Membership

KrisFlyer is a powerful membership made by SIA group. If you are using KrisFlyer service you can feel that you are a real partner of Singapore Airlines. So when you are using KrisFlyer membership you are able to earn miles and spend while you stay, exchange, call, book, drive or shop. Membership service includes over 120 global non-airline partners. You can use KrisFlyer service for getting awarded with miles and travel in more than 1000 destinations in over 170 countries. It is very simple to be KrisFlyer member. All you need to do is just register as a member and earn miles with Singapore Airlines. If you want to be a partner of SIA with KrisFlyer service, you have to accrue miles and become Elite Silver or Elite Gold Member. Elite and Gold status will be given to passengers who have earned 25,000 and 50,000 miles.

Cargo Tracking & Baggage Allowance

Singapore Airlines Cargo was founded in 1947. Nowadays Singapore Airlines is largest player in Cargo business. Airlines Cargo Unit uses world’s largest aircrafts, such as: Boeing B747-400. Singapore Airlines Cargo makes over 600 flights in a week and transfers over 1,400,400 tones in a year. If you are using SIA cargo, you don’t have to worry about your cargo. You can simply check cargo tracking online. Singapore Airlines Cargo announced as the best in ‘’Top 10 Airlines by Cargo Carriage’’ award ceremony.
Singapore Airlines offers to customer easiest baggage allowance system. Airlines baggage allowance system includes 3 options: weight and piece concept and cabin baggage. You are allowed to carry on 10kg of baggage. Additionally, a fully collapsible stroller or pushchair, carry-cot and infant food items may be checked in without charge.

Tickets and Booking

You can book tickets of Singapore airlines flights from Australia online, it is really most comfortable way, and in this case you won’t pay any booking or credit card fees.